Z3 Sports Academy encourages each child to find their inner athlete, love sports and stay active by focusing on the fundamentals in a fun and safe environment. We specialize in today's most popular sports in our one-of-a-kind 17, 000 sq. ft. indoor sports training facility in Kapolei.  Led by our experienced coaches, all Z3 athletes are afforded an opportunity to develop into strong, confident individuals that appreciate teamwork, commitment and pride in being a part of the Z3 Sports family.  Please see descriptions of our sports offerings below.  Don't forget to visit our Parent Portal for more details on current classes and clinics being offered today.

balance beam girlOur program builds strength, skill and character through gymnastics and promotes healthy, active and happy keiki in a non-competitive atmosphere. Girls are introduced to all four Olympic events: Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor Exercise as well as spending time  on our mini-trampolines or our 40 ft trampoline/tumble trak. This is a progressive gymnastics class where the focus is learning fundamental gymnastics skills in a fun, positive atmosphere.

footer-logoOur co-ed Preschool Gymnastics classes with the optional help of Mom or Dad, will focus on gross motor skills, flexibility, class structure, following directions and many of the fundamental skills of gymnastics. Z3 Sports Academy uses the DSCN0686sport of gymnastics as a tool to challenge children to expand their developing capabilities. Watch as your little one goes from crawling, walking and running to jumping, rolling and cartwheeling! These classes provide a great foundation of gymnastics fundamentals that will benefit each child no matter what activity or sport your child ultimately chooses to be competitive.


boy123Z3 Sports Academy is happy to introduce Z3 Kickers, a new recreational soccer program for keiki ages 3 to 18+. Our indoor program is held in our state of the art facility and involves a series of 6-10 week clinics designed to include players of all skill levels with an emphasis on developing solid fundamentals, learning rules of the game, working with a team and building social, physical, and emotional readiness for the game. Our mission is to create a fun, safe environment for children to learn the game of soccer in a way that will positively impact them both on and off the field. The coach’s primary focus will be on teaching fundamentals while keeping our classes fun for all players. Z3 Kickers follows the youth soccer league age groups with more challenging play available as the player grows and progresses. We have a special program for our 4 and under players Junior Kickers.  We incorporate fun into fundamentals through a series of games and scrimmages to introduce your little one to the "beautiful" game.  Our U6 players, Mighty Kickers, learn ball handling skills and improve coordination with fun games and activities in a stress free environment. Our U8 and up players’ clinics are more structured, competitive and game oriented with age appropriate drills focusing on field positioning, ball control, game strategy and scrimmages. Visit our parent portal for more description on available days and times for our upcoming clinics.

69f8e842-c23b-4bef-94d3-24dd33fd2741New Martial Arts Programs coming soon!


Our Tumbling classesZ3 Take Two 1  are designed for boys and girls who want to concentrate their efforts on the tumbling aspects of gymnastics. Based on a progression learning system in a fun and safe environment, students will have a chance to train on spring floors, mini-trampolines, vaulting apparatus, a 40 ft tumble track and a variety of specialized tumbling aide equipment. This class will help our students increase strength, flexibility and greatly improve their tumbling abilities. Boys and Girls will be guided through step by step skill progression and specific drills/exercises, providing the opportunity to achieve and refine their tumbling skills by experienced coaches.  We also offer “boys” only classes to focus on their favorite skills. 

Z3 Sports Academy's football program is an indoor program held in our state of the art facility.  It introduces children to football by teaching them basic skills in a fun and safe environment. No pads or tackle required.  Our experienced coaches use a series of passing, catching, agility and running drills to hone your keiki's fundamentals. Our drills are catered to each age group to keep the classes challenging but fun. The players will learn individual and team techniques on both offense and defense through both drills and scrimmages. In our setting, they will have an opportunity to tryouth_flag_footbally out and hone their skills in a variety of positions.  Or if your keiki is already experienced and looking to refine their skills in a particular position, we will offer clinics that focus specifically on a particular position for specialized position training.  Our players are not just taught football but we also focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and how to attain their potential on and off the field. Visit our parent portal for more description on available days and times for our upcoming clinics. 

Ready to try out for Cheer?  We offer a great non-competitive Cheer program to prepare your little one for competitive and/or high school varsity Cheer.   Our Cheer program is run by former college cheerleaders prepared to provide your little cheerleader with all the solid fundamentals.cheer   We take great pride in seeing that all students receive top-notch Cheer instruction. Our classes are specially designed with age and ability level in mind. Through our experienced and positive coaching techniques your child will gain self-esteem along with a structured progression of their cheer and tumbling skills. Cheerleaders in our programs are taught the basics of cheer: jumps, stunts, tumbling, body pyramids and more.  We currently offer Intro to Cheer classes.  Intermediate and advanced classes coming soon.Visit our parent portal for more description on available days and times for classes.

BasketballPlayerZ3 Little Jumpers is our new instructional Basketball Program for children 5-10 years old. Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable recreation program for all our Little Jumpers. We emphasize positive coaching in an environment where all children are given the opportunity to have fun and to learn the game of basketball. Our focus is on fundamentals where each child will be given the opportunity to learn valuable fundamentals of basketball, teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, and hard work. The Z3 Little Jumpers program will help your keiki learn the basics of dribbling, passing and shooting the ball with an emphasis on teamwork. Once they understand the fundamentals, set plays are introduced so they learn how to execute and defend.  Clinics will consist of 30 minutes of drills, skills and practicing set plays, followed by a 30 minute scrimmage. Teams of 5-on-5 have a chance to put their new acquired plays and skills into action on our new junior Sport Court. Visit our parent portal for more description on available days and times for our upcoming clinics.

7840955_mlZ3 Aces, our new Volleyball program, offers age-appropriate skill development and volleyball scrimmage play. All in a fun, safe and friendly environment, our clinics teach the fundamentals of Volleyball and stress teamwork to help players develop the proper mechanics and skills to play the game.  Our players learn skills with the aid of "volleylite" and "first touch" volleyballs, lower nets, and other modifications designed to help younger players learn and play with proper fundamentals and ball control. The Z3 Aces program is the perfect beginning volleyball experience to introduce young players how to dig, dump, set and eventually spike on their opponents.  In addition to the fundamental beginner courses, players can advance specific skill areas via specialized clinics such as  Attacking, Ball Control & Learn-2-Serve.  To learn more about Z3 Aces, visit our parent portal for more details upcoming clinics today!

At Z3 Sports Academy we offer a unique indoor opportunity to learn baseball unlike any other!  Though our clinics, your keiki will have an opportunity to hone their pitching and batting skills in our new batting cage.  Or they can work on both offensive and defensive fundamentals on our indoor turf court.  Fielding 50 mph line drives and grounders from our pitching 6456395_smachines on even turf surfaces is a great way to build confidence and fielding instincts.  Taking advantage of our controlled training environment, our emphasis is on developing the skills and self-confidence of our young athletes through repetition to help them develop a love of the game. Through encouragement, skill appropriate drills and positive reinforcement, our coaches will hone their baseball skills to improve their experience on the field. Proper stance, grip, swing and hitting mechanics will be stressed.  For more experienced players, improvements on upper body control, head position on contact, loading/stride, attacking the ball, staying inside and through the ball will be a focus. Improving these fundamentals will go a long way into improving a hitter's on-field success.  Keep an eye on our calendar for more information on upcoming clinics!

Our new Z3 SPRINT Program is designed for ages 6 years old to adult. The 4-6 week clinics will be led by a certified personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Science. Our certified coach has over 10 years experience in gymnastics, field and track and various other sports. The main goals of  the program are to enhance each individual's speed, quickness, agility, form and body control.The classes will cover the fundamentals of each component of SPRINT-S (Speed), P (Performance), R (Response), I (Injury Prevention), N (Nutrition), T (Tracking) with a emphasis on the following:

  • Speed Enhancement
  • Agility Training17347177_ml
  • Stretching/Flexibility
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Core Strength
  • Response Improvement
  • Proper Form
  • Running Techniques
  • Cross Training
  • Fall & Injury Prevention

Our mission is to create a fun, safe environment for all athletes to improve their skills in a way that will positively impact them throughout their sports career and active lifestyles. Z3 SPRINT provides a comprehensive cutting-edge training approach for young people of all ability levels. Our experienced coaches are committed to developing the physical attributes of our young athletes, with a specific focus on instilling the core values of hard work, dedication and self-discipline.  It is only a 4 week commitment for an opportunity benefit for a lifetime.  Visit our parent portal for upcoming clinics



Whether it be introductory or specialized sports training, our instructors focus on solid fundamentals as the foundation for training


Team Work

We stress the concept of teamwork and team effort.  There are tremendous opportunities for our budding athletes to grow in a team setting.




Some leaders are born; most are made. We gently encourage all of our athletes to take on age appropriate leadership roles



How you play the game is often just as important as winning or losing.  We emphasis proper sports etiquette and a winning attitude.