Coach Aka

 I am from Honolulu, HI. I have been working with kids for 4 years. I am currently pursuing a degree in teaching. On my free time, I like to go to the beach and play with my cat, Koi.

Coach Alicia

Gymnastics and Tumbling

I am originally from California. I attended San Jose State and was a member of their collegiate gymnastics team. I have been coaching preschool and recreational gymnastics classes since I was in high school. On the weekends I like to go to the beach, and I also love playing roller derby.

Coach Ashley

Gymnastics, Tumbling and Cheer

I am originally from Ohio.  I have been involved in cheer/gymnastics/dance since elementary school.  I have worked with children since high school.  I like CrossFit, hiking, going to the beach, staying active and the outdoors.

Ashley Z


I am originally from North Carolina. I started out at age 5 with gymnastics and cheer; then at age 8 just focused on All Star competitive cheer and school cheer. Tumbling and cheer have been a big part of my life for about 20 years. I love teaching and working with children. In my spare time I love to dance, exercise at the gym, explore new places, and make new friends.

Coach Ciarra

Gymnastics, Tumbling and Cheer


I am originally from Sarasota, Florida. I was a involved in gymnastics, tumbling/trampoline and cheer.  I have been coaching and working with children for about 4 years. In my free time I enjoy finding desolate beaches, working out and hiking. I am a huge fan of the Denver Broncos, USF Bulls, and the Air Force Academy football teams!

Coach Damaris

Tumbling, Strength and Conditioning Coach

I am originally from a small town in Pennsylvania. I was in gymnastics for 8 years and track and field for 10 years including college. I also have a degree in Exercise Science. My time off is usually spent working out, going to the beach, trying new things, and spending time with friends and family.

Coach Emily

Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheer and Dance

I am originally from Milltown, New Jersey.  I have been involved in gymnastics, tumbling, cheer and dance since I could walk.  I have been coaching/teaching for about 10 years.  In my spare time, I like dancing, running, hiking, yoga, going to the beach, paddle boarding, hanging out with friends and exploring new adventures on the island.

Coach Haeley

I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. I was a cheerleader since I was 6 years old until college and have done gymnastics (for cheerleading) since I was 12, both for high school and an all-star teams. I have been coaching and working with children for almost five years and I LOVE it. On my free time I like to go to the beach, shop, workout and babysit! 

Coach Nichelle

Assistant Camp Counselor and Basketball Coach


Coach Tom

Camp Team Lead and multi-sport Coach


Coach Stephanie

Gymnastics and Tumbling


I am originally from Pennsylvania.  I have done gymnastics since I was 3 and have coached for 9 years now and absolutely love it! Outside of coaching I love to spend time with my friends and family and go hiking, snorkeling or just hang out on the beach.

Coach Zach

Tumbling, Gymnastics Coach